UK GT Testing

UK GT testing began in Snetterton, followed by Silverstone, Oulton Park and an unfortunately cancelled Donington Park – next up, we begin testing in Europe for the European GT Championship!

31/01/2024 Snetterton
Snetterton testing was very exciting, that’s when it became reality and not just a dream! We tested tyre pressure, roll cage, and suspension, tried some chassis changes, and conducted a lot of driver analysis. 

Track conditions were very slick, but that made it a lot more fun and it’s great to be able to prepare ourselves for all types of weather conditions ahead of the race in March. 

02/02/2024 Silverstone
Next up was Silverstone, the flagship track of the UK. Testing is testing, so it wasn’t much different to Snetterton, but we got a lot more content and some brilliant photographers joined us to snap some photos.

06/02/2024 Oulton Park
Oulton Park followed Silverstone and Snetterton with more bad weather, eventually raining us out on the day, and being the reason for a cancelled Donington a few days later.

Despite the hiccups, we had some great testing sessions at the beginning of the year, and we move onto Spain and France for the rest of February in preparation for the European GT Series.