Steven Lake, a seasoned racing enthusiast, recently showcased his exceptional skills at the Brands Hatch Grand Prix. Behind the wheel of his powerful Radical SR3, he fearlessly navigated the challenging circuit, completing an impressive total of 17 laps. With a keen focus and remarkable precision, Steven zoomed past the finish line, clocking in at an impressive time of 26 minutes, 52.488 seconds.
What sets Steven apart, besides his driving prowess, is his choice of cutting-edge racing equipment. Sporting the latest Radical OEM Steering Wheel crafted by Aim Technologies, he demonstrated a perfect fusion of technology and skill. This high-performance steering wheel not only complements the sleek design of his car but also provides Steven with unparalleled control and responsiveness on the track. In addition to this, he utilised the advanced Aim SmartyCam 3 Dual, a state-of-the-art onboard camera system that captures every exhilarating moment of his race with breathtaking clarity.
Paired with the Solo 2 DL Lap Timer, Steven was able to analyse his lap times and performance metrics in real time, allowing him to make split-second decisions and enhance his racing strategy. His dedication to utilising top-notch equipment undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his performance at the Brands Hatch Grand Prix.