The long-awaited Lotus Emira GT4 has officially commenced production, marking the arrival of the fully homologated, race-ready sports car that is scheduled for delivery to its inaugural owners this summer. It’s time to place those sticker orders without delay.

Initially announced in 2021, the Emira GT4’s production schedule for the first 12 months has been predetermined for over a year now. Crafted by the skilled hands of racing specialists RML Group, this meticulously hand-built vehicle finds its home at a facility in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Under the hood, the car utilizes the same 3.5-liter V6 engine as its standard road-going counterpart, albeit with a 10% power boost to 455bhp, channeled through a six-speed, paddleshift sequential gearbox.

Lotus asserts that the aero package has been finely tuned to accommodate various racetracks, catering to a spectrum of courses from intricate and winding tracks like Monaco to high-speed circuits.

The Emira GT4 comes with a price tag of £179,000 before tax and delivery charges, totaling approximately £215,000 in the UK. This represents a significant increase from the entry-level car’s current starting price of £77,795.

Nevertheless, doesn’t it appear impressive when adorned with a racing livery?