Jordan Kerridge


Jordan Kerridge, widely known as ThatMartiniGuy (TMG), has an extraordinary story that transcends his record-breaking sales skills and his early belief in Bitcoin.

Fun Fact

Jordan has bought his father both a McLaren and an Aston Martin F1!

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More about Jordan...

The culmination of his experiences has led him to become a self-made millionaire, a respected Crypto Key Opinion Leader (KOL), and an entrepreneur in the world of web3.

Beyond his accomplishments in the crypto space, TMG harbours an ultimate dream—to become a racing driver. Inspired by his love for speed, adrenaline, and pushing boundaries, Jordan is actively pursuing this passion with team “Bitcoin Racing” in the 2023 Mini Challenge series.

A self-made millionaire and founder of CSE showcases his natural ability to influence others, entrepreneurial spirit, calculated risk-taking nature, and relentless pursuit of change. Through CSE and his racing endeavors, TMG continues to inspire individuals to pursue their passions, embrace opportunities, and make a meaningful impact in the world of web3 and beyond.

While he is relatively new to the racing scene, make no mistake this guy is dedicated, determined, and has worked directly with Redbull and Bybit in marketing campaigns with Sergio Perez! He is already miles ahead from where he was in racing 6 months ago, and there is no end in sight to the glorious journey he’s on.

Fun Fact

Jordan has bought his father both a McLaren and an Aston Martin F1!



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